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Village of Deferiet

Brownfield Opportunity AreA (BOA) Nomination

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What is the Deferiet BOA?

The Village of Deferiet, in partnership with the Town of Wilna, is preparing a BOA Nomination Study for approximately 627 acres with three potential brownfield sites, including a 200-acre former paper mill and surrounding area along the Black River in Jefferson County. The former mill site has been nominated for a NYSERDA Build Ready solar development project location. The opportunity for solar development at the former mill site will be a central part of any economic development conversation going forward through the Nomination process. Several buildings on the property have experienced significant deterioration and have been the subject of asbestos abatement by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with work completed in Summer 2021. The expected outcome of the BOA Nomination Study is to identify potential areas of contamination and identify redevelopment opportunities for the former paper mill as well as potential future employment opportunities in the area through an active community engagement and planning process.

The Village of Deferiet will complete a BOA Nomination for approximately 650 acres located along the Black River.  Eighteen potential Brownfield and underutilized sites will be evaluated for contamination clean-up and redevelopment. Neighborhood stabilization and marketing of strategic areas are expected outcomes of the BOA Nomination, which will encourage investment and revitalization of the downtown business district. Anticipated community benefits resulting from this project include the creation of jobs, private and public sector reinvestment, increased tax revenue and increased property values.

A Steering Committee comprised of local stakeholders and government officials will oversee all aspects of the Deferiet BOA Nomination Study. The committee will be supported by project partners from the Village of Deferiet, Town of Wilna, a consultant team, and New York State Department of State. The project includes a Community Participation Plan to keep stakeholders and the general public informed and engaged throughout the process. The project was launched in January of 2023 and will run through 2024. 

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